Douxo Pyo Shampoo

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Douxo Pyo shampoo is a shampoo formulated from hypoallergenic soft cleansing agents, contains 3 % of chlorhexidine and has an effect seborégulateur and anti-inflammatory. Douxo Pyo shampoo is indicated for all the superficial or deep cutaneous infections.

- Help to the management of the florae
- Calm the pruritus
- Restructure the cutaneous barrier
- Regulate the seborrhoea

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The chlorhexidine: possess a powerful bactericidal and bacteriostatic activity on germs Gram positive and negative Gram, as well as a strong fungistatic activity on most of the mushrooms and the pathogenic yeasts.

The climbazole: agent antigongique topical who allows to limit the proliferations of mushrooms of surface.

The lipacide C8G: present an antibacterial and antifungal activity which completes that of the chlorhexidine. It is also a moisturizing and restructuring agent.

The phytosphingosine: possess recognized anti-inflammatory and anti-seborrhoeic properties. She allows the control of the cutaneous imbalance engendered by the pyodermite.